Our 2019 Summer Camp was a huge success with over 100 children enjoying sports such as Judo, Athletics, Boxing, Football, Hockey and Cycling. This three day event was fronted by GNR8 Team made up of current and former professional athletes.

Current sessions 2020:
Adult fitness. Mon, Wed & Friday 9:15 
Join one of our coaches in a fun filled session suited to fit your needs.

Kids boxing. Friday from 4:20
Our sessions are tailored to fit age groups. We have three sessions over the evening starting with six year olds up to sixteen year olds.

Youth and adults boxing. Mon from 4:30
Mondays sessions are suited to teach the basics of boxing but also incorporate general fitness training. These sessions are for youngsters ages nine and up with our final session of the evening for adults from 15 and up.
Event Location:
New College Leicester
Glenfield Road

If you would like to take part and register for the GNR8 Academy Summer Camp 2020 then simply call us on 07746283761 or email us at: Places are limited, so don’t hesitate.