At GNR8 Academy we believe sport should be open to everyone, regardless of ability. When presented with barriers our coaches are best suited to cater for all young people to promote inclusion in our sporting programmes.

Para Sports Fest

This is a huge inclusive sports event which has been running since 2017. The Para Sports Festival aims to provide fully inclusive opportunities for everyone to enjoy sport together.

Dan has been competing for many years in his sport and is also a passionate ambassador of inclusive sport. Dan had the opportunity to address the UN in Bahrain in 2018 to speak on how sport can be used as a tool to bring people together.

All the coaches at the Para Sports Festival are all Paralympians and we aim to inspire many others to enjoy sport.

There should be no exclusion for anyone in sport. Sport is a thing to enjoy for everyone. If I hadn’t had the chance to take part in mainstream sport I would not have got to the position I am today.

Dan Powell

Team GB Judo